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Selling Home in California

Selling a Home in California: Curb Appeal Ideas

Unless your home’s exterior impresses a buyer, they won’t bother taking a look at its interiors. That’s why curb appeal is crucial when selling a home in California—it sets the all-important first impression that makes house hunters...

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The Waves in Dublin, CA

Places to Visit in Dublin, CA

The weekend is just around the corner and like most people, you’re probably wondering what to do. Moreover, it has to be something your entire family can enjoy.  If you live in Dublin, CA, however, finding a fun and family-friendly de...

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Determine the Value of Your Home

How to Determine the Value of Your Home

You have a lot of decisions to make when selling your home, but none is more critical than your listing price. Pitch it too low and you leave money on the table; pitch it too high and you’ll struggle to attract buyers.  How can you fi...

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Buying Process takes time

How Long Does the Home-Buying Process Usually Take?

Quick question: how long do you think it takes to buy a house? If you guessed about a month or two, you’ll want to think again. According to, it takes up to four-and-a-half months to close the deal on a new home. And that do...

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Signing a document for selling a house

Important Documents When Selling a California Home

At first glance, selling a home might seem like an active endeavor, and it is. Preparing the home for sale and showing it to interested home buyers require a lot of time and energy. All this activity, however, is supported by a mountain of ...

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Man selling a house

Guide to Selling your House

Selling a home is a journey that is just as important as buying real estate. The process can be an emotional one whether you are letting go of a well-loved family home full of happy memories or a place where you spent a part of your life. A...

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Living in Dublin, California

Life in Dublin

Named so because of its large Irish population back in the 1800s, Dublin, CA has nevertheless forged its own brand of leisurely California living. Located in the Tri-Valley region, Dublin is one of the fastest-growing cities in Alameda Coun...

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A man and a woman buying a home

Guide to Buying a Home

Tired of paying for your landlord’s mortgage? If so, you’re probably thinking of buying your very own home. Not only will it provide your family with more space and privacy, it’s also a stable and lucrative asset. But if you’re n...

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